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  • Flexible Laminated Copper Busbar Conductor

    Laminated Busbar , , , ,

    Material: T2 copper

    Copper Foil Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.2mm and 0.5mm (0.5mm is not so flexible)

    Thickness of plating : 3-5 μm

    Insulated coating: 2:1  or 3:1 heat shrink tubes,  soft PVC or epoxy  powder

    Sample: available.

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    Flexible Laminated Copper Busbar Conductor


    1) Laminated busbar is make of T2 copper foil, which is 99.9% copper contented. It capitals the products excellect conductivity with less impurities and more current carrying surface area.

    • Copper content: 99.9%     • Conductivity: > 100 IACS

    • Copper Foil Thickness: √0.1mm  √0.2mm  √0.5mm   √Other

    2) The surface of laminated busbar can be bare or plated with tin to protect copper busbar from oxidation or creating aerugo. Other plating like nickle or silver is also acceptable as customer requirments. Clean and  free-from- burr holes make sure good contact of bolts and busbar.

    • Plating Options: √ Tin plating    √ Nickle plating    √ Sliver plating

    • Insulation Options: √ Heat shrink tube    √ PVC dipping coat    √ expoy powder

    3) Laminated busbar is flexible and can be bended with hands. It is easy to use and can fit the equipments well. The copper foil busbar have also advantage of anti-vibration for moving vehicles.

    •  End Shape: √ Semicircle   √ Round Corner   √ Square Corner

    •  Insulation Option: √ PE Heat Shrink Tube   √ PVC Dipping   √ Epoxy Powder

    Product Show

    Manufacturing Capability

    •  Technology:
    √ Electrical Wiring Cut         √ Hole Punching        √ Bending
    √ Plating                                √ Riveting                   √ thread Tapping
    √ PVC Dipping                      √ Brazing                    √ …

    Advantage by Using Busbar

    1. Improve equiments properity.  Copper busbar can reduce the resistance and lower power cosumption. Copper busbar is capable of steady current carrying capacity and voltage-sharing. Copper Busbar increase the serve-life of machines and equipments.

    2. Easy to install, examine and maintain 

    Paired Insulated Cover

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