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Good sales market of new energy vehicles

June 24, 2017

Good sales market of new energy vehicles,five stocks of capital more than 200 million USD

Tesla become a hot topic throughout the area and this week by the supply of new energy vehicles in sales are soaring, from June 12 information issued by the China association of automobile manufacturers, new energy vehicles may both production were higher than the same period last year, year-on-year growth of 38.2% and 38.2% respectively. In the first five months of the year, the production of new energy vehicles was 147,000 and 136,000, up 11.7% and 7.8% year on year.

Specific data show that this new energy automobile 128 stocks of the communist party of China has 60 implementation state of net inflows, and the green beauty (002340), zhongke three-ring (000970), yutong bus (600066), byd (002594), three flowers intelligence control (002050), and other five stocks into the amount all over million, the specific amount, respectively 217 million, 139 million, 112 million, 139 million, 112 million.

The inflow of such inflows as the national high school (002074), kang xin (002450) and fang zheng motor (002196) were closely followed by 94.76 million, 93.79 million, and 624.8 million. The net inflow of yian technology (300328) this week was generally the same, but the weekly gain of 13.7 per cent was the first in the new energy sector, followed by the third round of the central division, baoli (600074) and other weeks, with 10.38 per cent and 10.05 per cent respectively.

In the face of rising performance requirements, the new energy automobile manufacturers in the wake of technology update trend, increasing spending on research and development either focus on new energy automobile manufacturers such as tesla, or the representative of traditional fuel vehicle manufacturers such as Benz, vw, positively with the tide, layout, the whole industry chain in the development of new energy vehicles large led by outlook.


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