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How to choose the sizes of flat copper busbar?

Standard Copper Bar Current Capacity Estimation method: Single copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient Double copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient* …

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When the terminal can be high waterproofed

When the terminal can do a high waterproof effect of the function We feel that the terminal features more, a wide range of applications, it can easily face the harsh installation environment, dust, sh …

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The new electric air pressure technology allows hydrogen fuel cell power output to double

Recently, the British Aeristech announced that it is developing a new type of electric air pressure technology, through the application of this technology can hydrogen fuel cell output power doubled. …

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New energy vehicles in the six categories

New energy vehicles refers to the use of unconventional vehicle fuel as a power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuel, but the use of new vehicle power plant), integrated vehicle power contr …

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New-energy vehicles to get renewed push

The central government on Tuesday decided to accelerate the development of fuel-efficient new-energy vehicles to reinforce its green goals. Industry experts said the move would promote healthy restruc …

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Why the new energy vehicles have no new battery finished products come out?

At this year’s Shanghai International Auto Show, environmental protection and intelligence become a bright spot. New energy vehicles not only become the major car manufacturers hot pursuit of th …

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New energy vehicles can grow

The automobile industry has a long industrial chain and a wide coverage. The upstream and downstream industries have become one of the leading industries that support and stimulate the sustained and r …

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New energy vehicle subsidies to slope more quality climbing

Recently, occurred in Beijing crab island resort parking lot of 89 electric bus chain fires, called the new energy vehicles since 2009 to mass promotion, the largest domestic new energy vehicle accide …

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Copper and copper alloy neutral environmental appearance of light skills and its use

On the commonly used pure metal conductive materials, the conductivity from high to low order followed by silver, copper, gold, aluminum, tin, zinc, iron, lead and so on. Because metal silver is expen …

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What is silicone rubber insulation sheathed?

  In our lives, silicone rubber wire sheath structure is simple, easy to install, can be reused, with the same type, high flexibility, long life, good insulation and other advantages. In recent y …

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Repair of cable sheath break!

1, breakdown point, hole, collapse pit and other repair methods Knife repair defects, and cut into 45 ° angle of the slope shape of the same size of the plastic block, placed on the repair area, with …

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Wire and cable transportation and storage methods

Wire and cable should be properly packed in accordance with JB / T 8137 requirements of the cable tray delivery. Wire and cable ends should be reliable seal, out of the wire outside the wire and cable …

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