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How to choose the sizes of flat copper busbar?

Standard Copper Bar Current Capacity Estimation method: Single copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient Double copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient*1.5 (empirical coefficient) Copper bar and aluminum bar can also be estimated as square terms, usually copper should be 5-8A/sq, Aluminum should be 3-5A/sq.   Common copper bar current capacity method: Copper bar current capacity when 40℃ = bar width(mm)*thickness coefficient (thickness coefficient is 20 when bar width is 12(mm);it is 18 when bar width is 10; it is successively: [12-20,10-18,8-16,6-14,5-13,4-12] Double copper bars[40℃]=(1.56-1.58)*single copper bar[40℃] (according to the size of section) Three layers copper bars[40℃]=2*single copper bar[40℃] Four layers copper bars 40[℃]=2.45*single copper bar[40℃] (not suggested option,replacing with special bus bar is better.) Copper bar[40℃]=0.85*copper bar[25℃] Aluminum bar [40℃] =1.3*copper bar[25℃] For example: To count the 100*10 section copper bar current capacity, One layer:100*18=1800(A) Two layers:Current Capacity of 2( 100*10) is :1860*1.58=2940(A) Three layers:Current Capacity of 3( 100*10) is :1860*2=3720(A)   Common copper bar sizes and current capacity form: Rectangular copper bar        Copper conducting wire current capacity Drawer conducting wire choosing standard

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When the terminal can be high waterproofed

When the terminal can do a high waterproof effect of the function We feel that the terminal features more, a wide range of applications, it can easily face the harsh installation environment, dust, shock, corrosion, water, dust, etc., but the most difficult to reach the terminal is the high waterproof effect Function. This is the terminal R & D personnel to try to break the problem. Since the terminal can not be a high waterproof function, then this high waterproof function temporarily by whom to replace it? That is the waterproof connector. General waterproof connector made of high quality zinc alloy die-casting, gold processing, the surface is generally used galvanized or hard chrome plating treatment, beautiful appearance, compact structure, no pores, high strength, connected with the pipeline when there is a good seal, At the same time both anti-shock, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust and so on. Terminal parameters before we have introduced, and now we have to understand the technical parameters of this connector. His working temperature: static (-40 degrees Celsius – +100 degrees Celsius up to +120 degrees Celsius, dynamic (-20 degrees Celsius – +80 degrees Celsius short time up to +120 degrees Celsius); terminal flame retardant grade can reach V0, …

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The new electric air pressure technology allows hydrogen fuel cell power output to double

Recently, the British Aeristech announced that it is developing a new type of electric air pressure technology, through the application of this technology can hydrogen fuel cell output power doubled. This will not only help automakers improve the overall performance of the vehicle, but also make the appearance of the fuel cell more compact, thus further improving the fuel cell packaging process and the overall weight. Aeristech’s electric air compressor uses an aluminum turbocharged compressor, and the machining tolerances of the compressor are in line with the tolerances of mass production in the automotive industry. In addition, the compressor is also connected directly to a high-speed motor, with no conventional gearbox mechanism. From the design of the new electric air compressor design can be seen with the traditional Roots pump, screw pump booster in the structural design there is a considerable difference. In addition, Aeristech has developed and developed a 10-kilowatt fuel cell air compressor with the support of the “Innovative UK” organization, formerly known as the British Technology Strategy Committee. The London Imperial College in the project is responsible for the design of the compressor, where the compressor can withstand long periods of high pressure in large flow conditions. …

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New energy vehicles in the six categories

New energy vehicles refers to the use of unconventional vehicle fuel as a power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuel, but the use of new vehicle power plant), integrated vehicle power control and drive the advanced technology, the formation of advanced technology, With new technology, new structure of the car. New energy vehicles include: hybrid cars (hev), pure electric vehicles (bev), fuel cell vehicles (fcev), hydrogen engine cars and gas vehicles, alcohol ether cars and so on. First, the hybrid car: hybrid refers to those who use traditional fuel, accompanied by motor / engine to improve low-speed power output and fuel consumption models. According to the different types of fuel, the main can be divided into two kinds of hybrid gasoline and diesel hybrid. At present the domestic market, the mainstream of hybrid vehicles are gasoline hybrid, while the international market, diesel hybrid models are also developing very fast. The advantages of hybrid cars are: 1, the use of hybrid power can be used in accordance with the average power to determine the maximum power of the internal combustion engine, this time in low fuel consumption, less pollution, the best working conditions. The need for high-power internal combustion …

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New-energy vehicles to get renewed push

The central government on Tuesday decided to accelerate the development of fuel-efficient new-energy vehicles to reinforce its green goals. Industry experts said the move would promote healthy restructuring of the auto manufacturing industry and get rid of heavy polluters. The State Council will re-introduce tax incentives to encourage purchase of cars whose engine is 1.6-liter or below. Taxes on such vehicle purchases will be halved for buyers from Oct 1 and will run till the end of next year.   Visitors check a hybrid new-energy car at an auto show in Changchun, Jilin province. A total of 72,711 new-energy vehicles were sold in the country in the first six months of the year. Zhang Nan / Xinhua The government will also keep tighter control on the purchases of buses and cars for government-funded organizations. Among the new purchases, more than 30 percent should be new-energy vehicles, the government said. Local governments which do not follow the guidelines will see their subsidies on fuel and operating expenses reduced. Local governments have also been urged not to impose restrictions on the use or purchase of new-energy vehicles and remove any such restrictions forthwith. Vehicles that fall below the National II Emission Standard, …

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Why the new energy vehicles have no new battery finished products come out?

At this year’s Shanghai International Auto Show, environmental protection and intelligence become a bright spot. New energy vehicles not only become the major car manufacturers hot pursuit of the object, but also represents the development of the entire automotive industry a trend. According to data from the independent energy data survey agency EIA, the United States consumed 385 million gallons of oil in 2015, while about 45 percent of the oil and 90 percent of the gasoline were consumed by light vehicles such as private cars, small trucks , Public transport and so on. It is easy to see that the car is the super energy of daily energy consumption, in the energy is limited, serious pollution today, environmental protection is a consensus. In 2016, China’s new energy automotive market increased attention, just a year in the new energy vehicle sales of more than 500,000, accounting for car sales accounted for 1.8%, growth rate of more than 50%, holdings of nearly 1 million The China’s annual sales of new energy vehicles accounted for more than 40% of the global proportion, ranked second in the United States annual sales of 160,000, new energy vehicle sales accounted for about 0.9%. There is …

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New energy vehicles can grow

The automobile industry has a long industrial chain and a wide coverage. The upstream and downstream industries have become one of the leading industries that support and stimulate the sustained and rapid growth of China’s economy. In 2016, China’s automobile production and sales hit a record high for eight consecutive years to become the world’s largest automobile producer and the largest new car consumer market. The automobile industry has a long industrial chain and a wide coverage. The upstream and downstream industries have become one of the leading industries that support and stimulate the sustained and rapid growth of China’s economy. National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first quarter of 2017 GDP grew 6.9%, compared with the same period last year increased by 0.2 percentage points, of which, industrial manufacturing industry grew 7%, outperforming GDP growth. According to the data released by the Provincial Economic Research Institute, the growth rate of automobile manufacturing industry is the main driving force for the growth of industrial scale above the scale. The industrial data of local growth is supported, whether it is first-tier city Beijing or central Hunan and Hubei The Among them, the added value of Hunan automobile manufacturing industry …

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New energy vehicle subsidies to slope more quality climbing

Recently, occurred in Beijing crab island resort parking lot of 89 electric bus chain fires, called the new energy vehicles since 2009 to mass promotion, the largest domestic new energy vehicle accident.   Although the relevant departments of the strict investigation and evidence collection, in time for the quality and safety of new energy bus is the name, but its economic losses, public opinion to the complex, high degree of media attention, all sounded the alarm – new energy Car operation safety is no small matter.   Into 2017, China’s new energy automotive industry by the “subsidy slope” policy impact, both quarterly both lower production and marketing. For the new energy automotive industry, the subsidy policy of the slope is conducive to breaking the protection of local protectionism, to help outstanding enterprises and products in the fierce competition in the market to win, and ultimately the whole industry’s survival of the fittest, worthy of recognition. But in reality, still do not rule out some enterprises in order to keep the “market share”, not through the basic skills to achieve cost reduction efficiency, but by reducing the quality standards to obtain the price advantage, and even lead to industry “bad currency …

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Copper and copper alloy neutral environmental appearance of light skills and its use

On the commonly used pure metal conductive materials, the conductivity from high to low order followed by silver, copper, gold, aluminum, tin, zinc, iron, lead and so on. Because metal silver is expensive, the general use of copper as a good conductor of electricity. So copper and its alloy data is high-power power transmission equipment, variable power distribution equipment, high-current rectifier equipment and other parts in the production of metal materials. However, in the atmospheric environment (especially in a humid or marine environment), copper and its alloys are simply oxidized to black or green rust, significantly reducing the conductivity of the interface of the electrical interface. In order to prevent the oxidation of copper or to improve the appearance of copper conductor (such as copper) conductivity, the general use of silver plating, tin (hot tin), nickel (such as matte nickel), gold-plated (circuit board pins) Coating technology for copper surface conductive modification. Regardless of the appearance of the use of plating skills, are required to have been discolored copper parts before plating, remove the appearance of copper oil and oxide film. Removal of oil pollution methods are mostly chemical or electrochemical methods, such as chemical to oil package rich in solvent …

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What is silicone rubber insulation sheathed?

  In our lives, silicone rubber wire sheath structure is simple, easy to install, can be reused, with the same type, high flexibility, long life, good insulation and other advantages. In recent years, in the transmission line “six anti” work gradually applied, especially for anti-bird damage, wind defensive effect is better. Ordinary silicone rubber mainly consists of methyl and a small amount of vinyl siloxane chain components. The introduction of phenyl can improve the high and low temperature performance of silicone rubber. The introduction of trifluoropropyl and cyano can improve the temperature and oil resistance of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber low temperature performance is good, generally at -55 ℃ can still work. After the introduction of phenyl, up to -73 ℃. Silicone rubber heat resistance is also very prominent, can be long-term work at 180 ℃, slightly higher than 200 ℃ can withstand weeks or longer is still flexible, instantaneous resistance to high temperatures above 300 ℃. Due to its superior performance, silicone rubber is widely used in aerospace, defense, electrical and electronic, medical and health, transportation, electricity and other industries, and the development of the industry had a profound impact. Electrical equipment Insulation protective cover Silicone rubber material with …

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Repair of cable sheath break!

1, breakdown point, hole, collapse pit and other repair methods Knife repair defects, and cut into 45 ° angle of the slope shape of the same size of the plastic block, placed on the repair area, with a pliers or a screwdriver fixed, and then use a hot air gun welding torch continuous welding, with copper pieces compaction, compression, flattening. Welding plastic, pay attention to the torch hot air temperature should not be too high, so as not to repair plastic scorch. After the repair of the defects by the spark machine test, do not breakdown for the qualified knife in the plastic layer defect parts cut into 45 ° angle of the slope, to shape, color, thickness of the same plastic block or strip, with a pliers or screwdriver fixed After the hot air speed welding gun is connected, and then with copper pieces compaction, compression, flattening, and finally by the spark machine test, not breakdown for qualified. The plastic defects with a knife flattened, with some of the same plastic strip in the hot air plastic welding gun under the role of filling, and then with copper in the defect repair Department flattened, pressed, compaction, the spark machine …

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Wire and cable transportation and storage methods

Wire and cable should be properly packed in accordance with JB / T 8137 requirements of the cable tray delivery. Wire and cable ends should be reliable seal, out of the wire outside the wire and cable should be added protective cover, the length of the extension should not be less than 300mm. Weight of not more than 80 Kg short wire and cable, can be wrapped in a circle. The additional label on the outside of the wire and cable and into the loop wire and cable shall be marked: A) the name or trademark of the manufacturer; B) wire and cable models and specifications; C) length, m D) gross weight, kg; E) date of manufacture: F) the symbol indicating the correct direction of the wire and cable tray; G) This specification number. Transportation and custody should meet the following requirements: A) wire and cable should be avoided in the open storage, wire and cable tray does not allow flat; B) It is strictly forbidden to throw a wire and cable tray with wire and cable from the height. It is strictly forbidden to damage the wire and cable. C) When lifting the package, it is forbidden to lift …

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