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The new electric air pressure technology allows hydrogen fuel cell power output to double

June 24, 2017

Recently, the British Aeristech announced that it is developing a new type of electric air pressure technology, through the application of this technology can hydrogen fuel cell output power doubled. This will not only help automakers improve the overall performance of the vehicle, but also make the appearance of the fuel cell more compact, thus further improving the fuel cell packaging process and the overall weight.

Aeristech’s electric air compressor uses an aluminum turbocharged compressor, and the machining tolerances of the compressor are in line with the tolerances of mass production in the automotive industry. In addition, the compressor is also connected directly to a high-speed motor, with no conventional gearbox mechanism. From the design of the new electric air compressor design can be seen with the traditional Roots pump, screw pump booster in the structural design there is a considerable difference.

In addition, Aeristech has developed and developed a 10-kilowatt fuel cell air compressor with the support of the “Innovative UK” organization, formerly known as the British Technology Strategy Committee. The London Imperial College in the project is responsible for the design of the compressor, where the compressor can withstand long periods of high pressure in large flow conditions. In addition, the British Intelligent Energy company also participated in the design of the above project, which is mainly in the system performance test is responsible for the motor starter and fuel cell and fuel cell controller integration work.

The output voltage of the fuel cell is generally fluctuating, so conventional motor compressors typically require an intermediate voltage regulator to provide a stable pressure value for the motor compressor, which increases the power consumption of the system. While Aeristech’s motor control technology can output a stable constant torque, so the pressure output of the motor compressor will not be affected by the size of the intake air and the input voltage fluctuations, which means that it can be directly connected with the fuel cell powered by.

Aeristech products also include a 20-kilowatt high-performance compressor. The control voltage of the compressor is 400 volts, which is mainly used for system testing and display work.

Aeristech has also developed an innovative permanent magnet switch structure. Through the application of the permanent magnet switch structure can make the motor power density greatly improved. Aeristech has indicated that its use of permanent magnet switch structure motor power density is currently the largest on the market. Aeristech’s motor control strategy is to separate the communication signal from the power control signal. This method not only reduces the cost of many key switch components, but also ensures accurate high-speed control.

The new electric air compressor technology has formed Aeristech’s most basic product line, which includes electric drive supercharger, pure electric turbocharger, fuel cell air turbocharger and turbine generator. Whether it is a simple bearing or a complex compressor impeller, Aeristech is solely responsible for the design, testing and development of all its products.

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