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When the terminal can be high waterproofed

June 28, 2017

When the terminal can do a high waterproof effect of the function

We feel that the terminal features more, a wide range of applications, it can easily face the harsh installation environment, dust, shock, corrosion, water, dust, etc., but the most difficult to reach the terminal is the high waterproof effect Function. This is the terminal R & D personnel to try to break the problem.
Since the terminal can not be a high waterproof function, then this high waterproof function temporarily by whom to replace it? That is the waterproof connector. General waterproof connector made of high quality zinc alloy die-casting, gold processing, the surface is generally used galvanized or hard chrome plating treatment, beautiful appearance, compact structure, no pores, high strength, connected with the pipeline when there is a good seal, At the same time both anti-shock, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust and so on.
Terminal parameters before we have introduced, and now we have to understand the technical parameters of this connector. His working temperature: static (-40 degrees Celsius – +100 degrees Celsius up to +120 degrees Celsius, dynamic (-20 degrees Celsius – +80 degrees Celsius short time up to +120 degrees Celsius); terminal flame retardant grade can reach V0, Waterproof connector protection class can reach IP65.
Terminals Product features are fastened by spring or screw connection to achieve the function of power or signal; waterproof plug is a special design of clamping claws and seals, with tight-fitting assembly convenient time-saving, clamping cable range, Rally strong.
The same as with the terminal as a cable accessories are used in the distribution box, power distribution cabinet above, waterproof connector has a good waterproof function. Then the terminal really can not achieve high waterproof effect function? I feel that the terminal is not a lot of features and technical standards can be achieved waterproof connector can not be compared, because the main function of the terminal is conductive, if we can in the future to make conductive and waterproof coexistence, then the terminal to achieve high waterproof Is also possible.

Source: China Automation Network

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