Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Solving Technology Problems

Zhihui Zhuang has over 10 years' experience of copper busbar
and terminal products. He is good at solving the problems we
meet in production of copper busbar. He offer the production
department good advices and technology guidance so that our
customers requirements can be meet well.

"We are improving ourselves together when we meet problems
and proposing a solution with new technology knowledge. It is a
great delight when we finally offer good products to customers."

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Busbar Analysing and Designing

Silin Wu is good at mapping softwares like AUTOCAD, CAXA,
UG and so on. He helps analysis the sizes when customers offer
a copper busbar drawing. He can straighten a bending busbar
and counting the total length so that worker can operate on
drawing easily. He can also help to design the drawing to make
ideas into visual picture.

"I am just doing what I am good at and what I like. Besides, It
is my working range. I also welcome chanllenges!"

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Arrange Production Strictly

Yihao Wu has been working in our company for 5 years till 2017.
He has good learning ability and has been a experienced busbar
maker. He knowes every steps of copper busbar production and
can manage worker well. Every workers in his department can
do best in their positions.

"You can trust my workers and me. I manage the orders properly
and make good use of time. "

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Controlling Products Quality

Fei Che is seriour man in working. His staffs routing inspect
the products every 2 hours and spot check products after one
step is finished. After products are finally finished, they will
examine every piece before packing. Another team is in charge
of resourse inspection to make sure it is good from resourse.

"I am responsible to the products. I am also responsible to the

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Good After Sales

Alice is a bright and earnest girl. She knows the knowledge of
copper busbar well. She can answer the questions from
customers patiently and professionally.  So does every
colleague in after-sales department.

"I know a lot, so just ask me if you have any questions in using. I
am so pleasant to answer questions from customers. Anyway, If
I don't know the answer, I can ask my experienced colleagues!"