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Production of new energy vehicles of the three core technologies

六月 23, 2017

New energy vehicles! new energy vehicles! Often hear the new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles can be what kind of car?
Today for everyone to popularize the new energy vehicles related knowledge, opened a new energy car “red cap”.
First of all, the definition of new energy vehicles: the use of unconventional vehicle fuel as a power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuel, the use of new vehicle power plant), integrated vehicle power control and drive the advanced technology to form Advanced technology, with new technology, new structure of the car.
Tram sink from the moment the main new energy models, their respective advantages and disadvantages, on behalf of the model, as well as the current state subsidies, to understand the “rookie.”

The most common three new energy models on the market today are: pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and extended range hybrids.
Pure electric car
Pure electric vehicles as the name suggests is purely powered by the vehicle, without the need for other energy, such as gasoline, diesel and so on. It can be through the household power supply, a dedicated charging pile or a specific charging place to charge to meet the daily driving needs.

Plug-in hybrids
Different from the traditional gasoline power and electric drive combined with hybrid, plug-in hybrid drive principle, the drive unit and the same electric car, the only difference is equipped with an engine on the car. Plug-in hybrid battery is relatively large, can be external charge, you can use pure electricity mode, the battery is exhausted and then hybrid mode (mainly to internal combustion engine), and timely charge to the battery.

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