Lab Ability

RHI have our own laboratory to meet the needs of production and researches.Tests by different aspects are done for continuous improvement on products for good mechanical property and chemical property.All these tests also help the production depts adapting the machine operating parameter properly and help customers pefect their designs of products.

In the lab room we also equiped devices to keep firm testing temperature and humidity for accurate results. Some testers are listed as following:

Temperature rise tester: It is to test the temperature rise after busbar is connected to power of certain current for more than half an hour.( Usually the temperature become stable after 30 minutes). With this test on several testing end point and one starting point, we can analyse if the busabr is in good machinical property, or some section is not well fabricated.

Profile analyzer:  We have a series ofCut the welded part of copper busbar longitudinally, polish the section and observe the grain merging situation under microscope.The situation of welding influences the property. This machine can show us more intuitively.If the grain in jointed part is the same as that in material,the welding is in good condition.

Tensile tester: It is a machine to test the firmness of welded copper foil by throw the pulling force and shearing force on copper busbar. The force can reach 10K N.

Salt Mist Tester: It is to test if the surface will corrode in salt mist. The copper busbar with or without plating will be kept in machine for certain time, like 72 hours.

Hi-pot Tester: The machine is to test the insulation of coatings.The current leakage should below 0.01A or other standards when it is forced with a certain high voltage.When testing,we will wrap the busbar with conductive material to make sure the whole insulation can reach the standard. 

Conductivity tester: Different copper contented material have different conductivity.The tester can differ the raw material degree.

Aging Testor:The aging test is for PVC dipping products. The test is to test the fading,embrittlement and strength reduction by holdeing samples in certain temperature. 

Fatigue testor: The machine will bend the flexible busbar continuously and see if it will break after thousands of times.

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