Aluminum Automatic Energy Conductive Busbars

Flat busbars are available in copper or aluminum variants, featuring solid construction with either a smooth plated or bare surface. They can also be clad with heat shrink tubing, insulated powder, or dipped in PVC for added protection. Commonly used in power chargers, machinery, and equipment applications. For further inquiries, please reach out to us at [email protected].

  • Model: Customized
  • MOQ (negotiatable): 100pcs
  • Products From: Solid Busbar


1) Shaped aluminum busbar is make of aluminum material, which has advantage of lightness and suitable to be used in vehicles to reduce the weight of cars forklifts and so on.

• Material: Aluminum 

2) The surface of shaped busbar can be bare or plated with tin to protect aluminum busbar from oxidation or creating aerugo. Other plating like nickle or silver is also acceptable as customer requirments. Clean and  free-from- burr holes make sure good contact of bolts and busbar.

• Plating Options: √ Tin plating    √ Nickle plating    √ Sliver plating

• Insulation Options: √ Heat shrink tube    √ PVC dipping coat    √ expoy powder

3) Shaped aluminum busbar is cut with electrical wiring cut from whole copper plate or cut from available aluminium bars if the width and thickness is normal. It is bended with bending machine and have precised angle and sizes

•  End Shape: √ Semicircle   √ Round Corner   √ Square Corner

•  Insulation Option: √ PE Heat Shrink Tube   √ PVC Dipping   √ Epoxy Powder


 Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar


1. Improve equiments properity.

Aluminum busbar can reduce the resistance and lower power cosumption. Battery busbar is capable of steady current carrying capacity and voltage-sharing.

2. Easy to install, examine and maintain.

Electrical busbars can be installed with simple tools. Anyone can use it with bolt, nut and screwdriver. The workers examine the property with tester.

3. Reduce Cost

Aluminum busbars increase the serve-life of machines and equipments. Premium-grade aluminum can lower the temperature raise and loss of equipement parts.


 Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar


Paired Insulated Cover

We suggest to buy custom busbars with covers together. Covers can also be customized.


Contact: Simon Yang

Email: [email protected]


Material: Aluminum
Plating:Nickle /Tin/ Silver
Unit Price:inquiry with quantity and we will inform.
Main Craft:
Punching; Plating
Bulk Production Mould:Available
Daily Output:
Normal Order Lead Time:7-10days

Packing & Delivery:

RHI busbars are usually packed with plastic film and then put into small 5 layer corrugated carton.

For big quantity, the cartons will be packed on pallet to invoice the detroy in delivery.

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus BarCopper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Delivery: We can arrange delivery by sea, by air or courier for customer.