Custom Extruded Copper Bus Bar Insulated Copper Flat Bar for Electric Automotive Batteries

Insulated extruded copper busbars are essential for improving grounding in switchboards, and busway installations. Also known as a solid insulated system (SIS), these bus bars are made from solid copper or aluminum conductors with a solid insulating medium between each phase conductor and ground.

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Product Description

Extruded copper bus bars are widely utilized in electric automotive applications. They are insulated with PA12, capable of withstanding voltages up to 5000V AC. These bus bars can be produced in lengths up to 3 meters, allowing for continuous bending with high accuracy. Extruded copper bus bars are increasingly popular in electric automotive applications.

Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric


1. Mechanical production with high productivity.

2. Continuous bending with high accuracy.

3. Insulation PA12 with smooth surface, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and fire resistance.

4. Long busbar can be produced. The busbar length can be made to 3 meters.


Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric

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Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric

Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric