Flexible Bus Bars For Battery Pack

At RHI, we employ industry-leading processes and technologies, including automatic robot dipping, welding, and copper forming. With 20 years of experience in busbar insulated dipping technology, coupled with our automation equipment and dedicated R&D team, we consistently enhance production efficiency and ensure product quality reliability.

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Insulated Flexible Copper Busbar-available in standard 2 or 3 meter lengths and custom cut lengths.

Copper flexible busbar is formed with multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper and provided with black insulation according to specifications required. Design can be fully customized upon our customers requirements.


  • Flexibar is formed with multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper, available in plain or tin plated.

  • Flexibar connections are made by punching directly through the laminates. There are no lugs to purchase, helping to eliminate faulty connection problems and making installation simpler and faster.

  • The insulation is a high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC.    

  • Easily bent,folded and twisted, flexible busbar improves assembly flexibility, shortening connections and decreasing footprint.

  • ROHS compliant and UL94V-0 standard.

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Insulated Flexible Copper Bus Bars


1.Copper layer thickness from 0.5 to 1mm.

2.High flexibility & conductivity ETP grade copper (Cu) with a minimum copper content of 99.90%, can be tin plated on request.

3.Working temperature: -40 up to 125℃.

4. Voltage: 3500V AC.

5. Flame retardant: UL94V-0.

6.High elongation value and mechanical resistance.

7.High current withstanding capacity and high conductivity.

8.Cross-sectional area: 24mm² to 1200mm².

9.Holes are punched through the laminated foils and can be round or oblong on request.

IMPORTANT!RHI can also drill or punch holes, form(bend and shape) and custom-cut flexible busbars to any size you need. 

For custom flexible busbar options, please email us [email protected] or call us at 0086-15868025551.

Flexible Busbar Design

Typical Uses

  • Heavy-duty power interconnection

  • Overcome vibration/alignment problems

  • Circuit breaker,generator&prefabricated power network conductor

  • Panel Boards

  • Switch Boards

  • Expansion Joints

  • Transformers

  • Variable terminating positions

  • Machine connections

  • Movable connection from massive busbar system

  • Alternative to large&multiple cables

  • Alternative to rigid busbar

Flexible Busbar

Why Choose RHI BUSBAR?

1. Advanced Technology: We have industry-leading processes and technologies like automatic robot dipping, automatic robot welding, automatic copper forming and 20 years’ experience of busbar insulated dipping technology. With automation equipment and R&D team, we continuously improve our production efficiency and product quality reliability. 

2. Efficient Supply Chain: From raw materials to finished products, all processes include mould and fixture are finished in our plant. Only the plating is finished by our supplier near our factory.

3. Superior Service: Give response in 8 hours, arrive at customer’s site to solve problem in 24 hours ( Site outside China may need to be extended).

4. Quick Response: With efficient supply chain and perfect production process, we can provide small batch products in a short time to support early development of customer’s project.

5.Quality Commitment: We are committed to the highest quality standards. Material is tested before production to guarantee it is ETP grade copper.  All goods are inspected before delivery. We have certificates of ROHS, REACH, UL94V-0, ISO14000 and IATF16949. 

6. Timely Delivery: Experienced workforce, large production capacity and sound supply chain guarantee timely delivery time for customer.

7. Competitive Price: With efficient supply chain and production environment in China, we have advantage of low cost.

Contact: Simon Yang

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