Insulated Coating Tinned Solid Copper Busbar Connector

Flat Busbar include copper busbar or aluminum bubar. It is solid and have smooth plated or bare surface. It can also be claded with heat shrink tube , insulated epoxy powder or dipping PVC. It is used in power charger, UPS, new energy, automobile, electrical industry. Emial: [email protected].

  • Model: Customized
  • MOQ (negotiatable): 100pcs
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1) Insulated Coating Tinned Copper Busbar Connector is make of T2 copper material, which is 99.9% copper contented. It capitals the products excellect conductivity with less impurities.

2) The surface of Insulated Coating Tinned Copper Busbar Connector is plated with tin to protect copper busbar from oxidation or creating aerugo. Other plating like nickle or silver is also acceptable as customer requirments. Clean and  free-from- burr holes make sure good contact of bolts and busbar.

3) The copper busbar is coated with 2:1 PE heat shrink tube. They can also be coated with 3:1 heat shrink tubes,  soft PVC dipping or epoxy  powder coating. They have have different insulation degree.

4) RHI is trusted for producing high quality rigid copper busbar and battery busbars for new energy EVs, battery bank, rail transit, power storage sysstem, electricity projects, switchgear, generator, etc.




Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

How can you know the sizes of copper busbar you need ?

Referring to the current form, you can choose the suitable width and thickness you need , whose current capicity should at least equal the current you used in. It would be better to choose the sizes with higher current capicity to control the temperature raise of busbar in using. Then you can confirm the hole center distance by measuring the screw center in actual use in equipments.

Then you can send the basic datas according to the drawing offerd as a normal flat copper busbar. Quotation will be sent with datas you offers.

Referrence:  How to choose the sizes of flat copper busbar?

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar


1. Improve equiments properity.

Copper busbar can reduce the resistance and lower power cosumption. Copper busbar is capable of steady current carrying capacity and voltage-sharing.

2. Easy to install, examine and maintain.

Copper busbar can be installed with simple tools. Anyone can use it with bolt, nut and screwdriver. The workers examine the property with tester.

3. Reduce Cost

Copper Busbar increase the service life of machines and equipments. Good quality T2 copper material can lower the temperature raise and loss of equipement parts.

Test Capability

Test Programs Tester Standard Test  Result
Endurance testEndurance meterupon your request 
Release force testUniversal material testing machineupon your request 
Loop resistance,contact
resistance test
Loop resistance testing equipmentupon your request
Temperature rising testTemperature rising meterGB/T14048.1-2000
Electric conductivity testConductivity meterYS/T478-2005
Salt spray testSalt spraying meterGB/T2423.17-2008
Thermal ageing, heat vibrationtestAir exchange aging test machineupon your request
Coating thickness testX-ray coating thickness testupon your request
Voltage drop testVoltage drop meterupon your request


Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar


Paired Insulated Cover

We suggest to buy copper busbar with covers together. Covers can also be customized.


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Material: T2 Copper
Plating:Nickle /Tin/ Silver
Unit Price:inquiry with quantity and we will inform.
Main Craft:
Cutting,Punching; Polishing, Plating
Bulk Production Mould:Available
Daily Output:
Normal Order Lead Time:7-10days

Packing & Delivery:

Copper busbars are usually packed with plastic film and then put into small 5 layer corrugated carton.

For big quantity, the cartons will be packed on pallet to invoice the detroy in delivery.

Copper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus BarCopper Busbar|Battery Busbar|Customized Bus Bar

Delivery: We can arrange delivery by sea, by air or courier for customer.