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Our high-voltage electrical busbars are designed for applications requiring high security, such as electrical connections and transmission. RHI specializes in custom designing and manufacturing bus bars for automotive, battery banks, power storage, switchgear, and other applications. Custom bus bars can be plated with tin, nickel, or silver to meet specific requirements. By using copper bus bars, customers can eliminate wiring errors and reduce assembly costs.

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Product Description

These high voltage electrical bus bars fit for high security required applications like electrical connections & transmission.

Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric


Material Standard :GB : T2 Copper with Min. 99.9% ,DIN: E-Cu58 (Number: 2.0065),EN: Cu-ETP ( Number: CW004A),ISO: Cu-ETP, UNS: C11000, JIS: C1100,BS: C101

Resistance :0.00001Ω
Conductivity :57%
Thickness :0.1/0.2/0.3/0.5/1.0mm,depend on bus bar structure
Insulation Material :PVC Dipping Coating is good performance, Special shaped bus bar can be put on directly, it is not easy to break when it be bent with many times.Insulation Performance PE and PVC are good, PVC dipping is better than PE heat shrink tubes
Flame Retardant/Fire Resistance :UL94-V-0 or upon you request

Leakage Testing PVC Dipping Sleeves: In condition of 3500VDC with 30s upon thickness 1.5mm, Leakage is 0.025 MA; In condition of 5000 VAC with 30s to 60s upon thickness 1.8mm to 2.0mm, Leakage is 0.065 MA;

Surface Plating :Nickel, tin or silver plated etc
Plating Thickness:Normally 3um to 12um
Salt Spray Testing: In a neutral environment, nickel can bear 240 hours. Silver is lower, tin is lowest
Bending Testing Bend 10000 times in 15 radian angle without breakage or fracture.
Temperature Rise Testing :Depend on flexible busbar cross-sectional area,we can offer all temperature rising test report before delivery if you request
Operating Temperature :-45 to +150 ºC
Tensile Strength ≥500N
Quality Management Standard Meet Auto Industry IATF 16949


New energy vehicles, battery packs, power supply rooms, power distribution equipment, new energy storage solutions, charging stations, switchboards, panel boards, low-voltage distribution systems, high-current and control equipment, busway systems, and more.

Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric

Busbar Tester

Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric

Testing Capabilities

Test ProgramsTester Standard Test  Result
Endurance testEndurance meterupon your request 
Release force testUniversal material testing machineupon your request 
Loop resistance,contact resistance testLoop resistance testing equipmentupon your request 
Temperature rising testTemperature rising testerGB/T14048.1-2000
Electric conductivity testConductivity testerYS/T478-2005
Salt spray testSalt spraying testerGB/T2423.17-2008
Thermal ageing, heat vibration testAir exchange aging test machineupon your request 
Coating thickness testX-ray coating thickness testerupon your request 
Voltage drop testVoltage drop testerupon your request 

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Copper Busbar|Aluminum Busbar|Flexible Bus Bar - RHI Electric

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